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At Essence of Iceland, we pride ourselves on curating private luxury travel experiences that embrace the extraordinary essence of our unique country.

Iceland, a land of breathtaking contrasts and unspoiled natural beauty, stands as an unparalleled haven for explorers and wanderers alike. Its awe-inspiring landscapes, ranging from dramatic volcanoes to cascading waterfalls, from rugged fjords to expansive glaciers, serve as the vibrant palette from which we paint bespoke adventures designed to cater to your every desire and aspiration.

Imagine watching the northern lights dancing on a clear winters’ night or going whale watching under the midnight sun. Trekking across a glittering glacier or catching the arctic char in a beautiful mountain lake. Embrace the heritage by learning to craft your own Icelandic knits or indulging in the ancient games of the Vikings. Unwind in the soothing embrace of a natural hot spring or savour the awe-inspiring view from the summit of a volcano. Paddling a kayak quietly along the coastline or making a splash, while river rafting. Be captivated by the stories of elves and trolls around a campfire and learn about the northern mythology. Ending each day with an exquisite feast for the senses as you savour the delights of fresh, delicious Icelandic cuisine—a fitting tribute to the day’s extraordinary adventures, creating moments destined to be cherished.

Our Essence of Iceland luxury trips redefine extravagance, not through lavish suites, but through carefully crafted experiences. Our seasoned guides possess unmatched expertise, turning every landscape into a captivating story, creating moments that stay with you.

Luxury with us means being in experts’ hands – meticulously planned details, allowing you to fully relish each exceptional moment. Let us introduce you to our remarkable country as we invite you to discover the magic and magnificence of Iceland, offering an authentic Icelandic adventure tailored to your sophisticated preferences, where every moment is a celebration of life’s greatest adventures.

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