Sustainability describes a collective awareness that our ideas and expectations for life must align with nature’s limitations. Sustainability is often thought of as an environmental issue only. However, it also involves economic and social matters as those describe how we treat our environment and utilize its sources.

Sustainable business practices involve the advancement of all parties while responsible for their impact on the local and distant environment. Socially responsible thinking increases the competitiveness of companies as a source and driving force for innovation, progress, and a prosperous future.

Essence of Iceland looks to the 17 sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in its work to clarify goals and help measure progress. Essence of Iceland uses ESG structure in highlighting its initiative in sustainable development.

The SDGs overlap in practice. A solution to one problem may facilitate success in another making the objectives intertwined at times.

Tourism has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly, to all the goals.

Our commitment

ESG stands for three divisions which Essence of Iceland categorizes its work on sustainability. The divisions are: environmental, social, and governance.


Climate change:

Essence of Iceland considers its part in action against climate change to be mindful of commutes between places. The company takes note of direct and indirect emissions of vehicles used in its operations by employees, customers, contractors, or other vendors.

Most emissions deriving from Essence of Iceland are indirect emissions. Essence of Iceland has therefore emphasized on selecting environmentally friendly and sustainable choices in its value and supply chain.

Circular economy:

Upstream and downstream waste impact; Essence of Iceland strives to purchase and utilize reusable and/or recyclable products on its tours and events as well as in our offices wherever possible and we encourage our clients and business partners to do the same.

Essence of Iceland makes sure that its suppliers are aware of the company’s policy on recycling, reusing, repurposing, and minimizing waste thus minimizing its downstream waste impact.


Essence of Iceland treats people equally within its business in all its dealings. We respect and value our staff and recognize them for being the most valuable asset of the company.  We emphasize well-being and good morale in the workplace, whether it’s the office employees or part-time contractors.

Diversity and non-discrimination:

Essence of Iceland has provided its employees with opportunities for professional and personal development and will continue to do so. Essence of Iceland does not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, religion, and beliefs and expects its partners and suppliers to do the same.

Health and wellbeing of our employees – Long hours and travels can come with projects which Essence of Iceland is grateful for its hard-working employees to cover. At Essence of Iceland, the staff is encouraged to take care of both mental and physical health and is provided financial support for their advancement.


It is significant for Essence of Iceland to practice good governance. The company acknowledges its part in implementing sustainable development principles through local and global partnerships. At Essence of Iceland, employee input is central to the company’s advancement. The company operates under all legal frameworks regarding the company’s line of work. The company policy is to be transparent with its customers in the whole process of sales and operations.  Essence of Iceland acknowledges that its greatest assets are the human resources. All employees are required to commit to the company’s ethical guidelines. When welcoming new employees, they are informed of company guidelines, protocols, and proposed action plans regarding advancement.

Consumer protection

Essence of Iceland puts great emphasis on transparency in business. The service provided by Essence of Iceland is highly detailed and customized for each project. The terms and conditions result from collaborative work between the parties, depending on the customer’s needs. Prices are predictable as they are provided continuously during the planning phase of the event as well as during and after the event has taken place. In this way, Essence of Iceland ensures predictability concerning cost and quality.

Positive impact on the local community

Essence of Iceland operates all year round. Therefore, the company has decided to make planting trees a part of its carbon offset.

Essence of Iceland will plant one tree a day for every day of the year 2022. Essence of Iceland will continue to reduce its ecological footprint and keep carbon offset in its plans, evaluating yearly if more action is needed.

Essence of Iceland chooses specific charities biannually that the company supports financially without publicity. Essence of Iceland strives to strengthen local businesses and communities by choosing to work with local suppliers where possible.

Law and order

Essence of Iceland ensures all financial dealings are according to law, regulations, and proper business ethics. The company actively fights black economic activity within the tourist industry by arranging payments through acknowledged channels and according to relevant laws and regulations. Essence of Iceland pays all its taxes and official fees. Essence of Iceland pays competitive wages and fulfils its obligation regarding employees’ taxes.


Essence of Iceland likes to hold itself accountable in a transparent way. Therefore, it proudly presents its initiatives relating to its “Trusted Partner” position with “Meet in Reykjavík.” “Trusted Partners” status requires companies to have the relevant license issued by government authority and operational insurance. “Trusted Partners” need to establish and publish their commitments to service excellence and an agenda concerning environmental and social responsibility. With the status of Trusted Partner, Essence of Iceland´s crew can seek further training, seminars, and more relating to sustainable development and positive improvements within the industry.

Roles and Responsibilities

Essence of Iceland acknowledges the responsibilities of its influential part in the progress of sustainable development within the industry. Essence of Iceland aims to lead its customers, employees, and partners by exemplary practices regarding sustainability. Essence of Iceland has identified the fundamental factors in our supply chain and set ambitious goals regarding its advancement.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Managing Directors at Essence of Iceland. This Agenda is published on Essence of Iceland’s website and will be updated when needed following our annual sustainability reports. The Managing Directors have committed to staying up to date regarding development in sustainability practices and implementation that could benefit Essence of Iceland.

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